The process of making one view compatible with another

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Notice what you’re noticing

In sobriety, I started noticing my surroundings. From looking down all the time — watching for pets and other trip hazards as I stumbled to the kitchen to refill a glass — to looking up and out and noticing the stars and the trees... The expanse of Nature. I don’t hang the stars. I don’t push the trees through the earth toward the sun. I can’t even beat my own heart.

Which came first: God or Sobriety?

I’ve heard that “all this God talk” keeps people out of AA. And that “God brings people to AA and AA brings people to God.” Likely both are right and it’s a matter of how many creases remain in one’s own unfolding universe.

Oh, hi. I’m Christine and I’m an alcoholic in recovery. Well, I prefer “upcycling.” There’s not much behind me I want to recover. Be where your feet are.

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